Short clinical visits

Short Clinical Visits


In 2006, ESGO established a series of Travelling Fellowships open to ESGO members in order to improve patient care through training, research and sharing technologies between the member nations of ESGO.

The aim of Travelling Fellowships is to facilitate collaboration and experience exchange within the Gynaecological Oncology community, sharing of evidence-based knowledge and trans-European mobility. The Fellowships are for the period of stay from one to three months.


Although this form may seem convenient, some trainees point out that they cannot offer this type of flexibility in terms of managing family life alongside with locally runned projects and leave their home institution for such a long period of time. Often, to see a certain type of surgical procedure or treatment modality at least a few times, fellow must spend weeks away from home. This raises obvious personal, organizational and financial challenges.


Also, according to the ESGO survey (European Surgical Education and Training in Gynecologic Oncology: The impact of an Accredited Fellowship) members requested the creation of fellowship programs in countries where they are not accredited and the promotion of rotations and exchanges in centers of excellence.


Trying to respond to the expectations and needs of our network, we decided to come up with a completely NEW opportunity: ENYGO Short Clinical Visits (SCV) held in the Center of Excellence.


Short Clinical Visits Application Guidelines

The Short Clinical Visits are for the period of stay of 2-3 days.

Application for ENYGO Short Clinical Visits is a benefit of ESGO membership.  

Short Clinical Visits (SCV) are open to Gynaecological Oncology trainees and subspecialists.


Applications are reviewed by the ENYGO Short clinical visits committee whose decision is final and binding. 


Past Short Clinical Visits:



June 18–20, 2018

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