Tumour Board Webinar

As part of the ESGO/ENYGO mission to provide relevant, quality education to oncologic gynaecologists, we are offering a new live interactive webinar  series “ESGO/ENYGO Live Multidisciplinary Tumour Boards.

Each month, we will offer tumour board webinars on key topics for physicians with a professional interest in gynaecologic cancer. The expert guided webinars will help improve the quality of treatment of gynaecologic cancer in European countries.


  • This educational initiative will integrate a regular tumour board into existing online webinar platform.
  • An excellent multidisciplinary tumor board team of well recognized experts (including various specialists from the fields of medical oncology, radiotherapy, radiology, surgery, pathology, etc.) will discuss cases and treatment strategy scenarios with the results and follow-up strategy applied. Key opinion leaders will share up-to-date, standardised knowledge of the multidisciplinary management of gynaecological cancers.
  • The tumour board broadcast will help further harmonize  gynaecological oncology training and education throughout Europe.


  • Share expertise stemming from clinical experience across European countries and promote gynaecological oncology best practices and guidelines.
  • Rotate presenters from diverse European centres. Each participating centre will provide 2 cases with diagnostic considerations that will be discussed during the online meeting.
  • Present various topics including vulvar, vaginal, cervical, uterine, ovarian and rare tumours, clinical management.
  • Each online session will finish with a 20 minute didactic lecture from experts or ENYGO LiFE authors.


“ESGO/ENYGO Live Multidisciplinary Tumour Boards” will generally take place on the 2nd week of the month.

List of ESGO experts
List of ESGO experts2

Past Tumour Board Webinars

Management of Ovarian Cancer Patients

Francesco Fanfani
Thomas Gaillard
Bojana Gutic
Fabrice Lecuru
Claudia Marchetti
Philippe Morice
Claire Sanson
Alexander Shushkevich
Elzbieta van der Steen Banasik

Management of Ovarian Cancer Patients

Lukas Chinczewski
Anna Fagotti
Christina Fotopoulou
Ilker Kahramanoglu
Klaus Pietzner
Jalid Sehouli
Alexander Shushkevich
Elzbieta van der Steen Banasik

Cancer in Pregnancy

Frederic Amant
Ingrid Boere
Vit Drochytek
Myriam Gracia Segovia
Michael Halaska
Alexander Shuskevich
René Verheijen
Ignacio Zapardiel

Management of Vulvar cancer patients

Harry Hollema
Maaike Oonk
Thijs Roelovsen
Alexander Shushkevich
Charalampos Theofanakis
Elzbieta van der Steen - Banasik
Ate van der Zee
René Verheijen
Kamil Zalewski

Management of Endometrial cancer patients

Debate on the management of endometrial cancer after surgery in the sentinel node era

Alessandro Buda
Nicoletta Colombo
Tommaso Grassi
Marta Jaconi
Piotr Lepka
Alexander Shushkevich
Elzbieta van der Steen - Banasik
René Verheijen
Benedetta Zambetti

The Challenges of a BRCA Mutated Ovarian Cancer Patient

Nicolo Bizzarri
Nicoletta Colombo
Anna Fagotti
Christina Fotopoulou
Denis Querleu
Natalia Rodriguez
Alexander Shushkevich
Gian Franco Zannoni

Management of Cervical Cancer Patients

Alexander Shushkevich
Andrei Pletnev
Elzbieta van der Steen Banasik
Zoia Razumova