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LiFE is an initiative of ENYGO supported by ESGO.

The LiFE project, Literature For ENYGO, is a review of all the relevant articles in the field of gynaecological cancers for young professionals that desire to be up to date with the most recent published literature.


The 6th LiFE Report edition: Even More Articles Published than Before 

View the latest LiFE Report of reviews covering articles published from February 15 - August 15, 2017. Download your PDF copy of Issue No. 2 (6) of the LiFE Report, published in October 2017.

The LiFE Report is published as the International Journal of Gynaecological Cancer (IJGC)  Supplement No. 3, as of Volume 27, as well as indexed on PubMed from June 2016.

The latest LiFE Report edition, covers even more topics than previous editions, thanks to the continuous work and efforts of:

  • 43 authors from 28 countries, who agreed to cover additional topics and prepared 45 separate reports

  • 4 editors coordinating the project: Kristina Lindemann, Kamil Zalewski, Michael Halaska and David Lindquist

        With the support of the reviewers: Prof. David Cibula and Prof. Gunnar Kristensen 


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