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The European Network of Young Gynaecological Oncologists (ENYGO), is a network of juniors and trainees in gynaecological oncology and related subspecialties within ESGO. 

ENYGO Mission is to provide the highest quality of training and education in the prevention and management of gynaecological oncologic cancers and as well as to create professional interactions social network.

ENYGO Long term objectives are to train and educate the young gynaecologic oncologist and standardize the education in the international standard quality.

Long-term objective in Training & Education in gynaecological oncologic is to assist the education journey. To facilitate the network. To remove the education gaps. To standardize the training and education. To increase the interesting.



ENYGO furthers the needs and aspirations of the trainees involved in the study, prevention and treatment of gynaecological cancers and is committed to improving education and training in gynaecological oncology across Europe.

The network serves as a forum for promoting scientific and social interaction, discussion and debate and the exchange of ideas and views.

ENYGO facilitates the establishment of strategic partnerships and collaborations amongst the future generation of gynaecological oncologists.

ENYGO is supported in its activities by the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO) and is represented on the ESGO council.



Join ENYGO today, a network of over 800 members from 40 countries across Europe with each country having a national representative.


ENYGO Activities

In the coming year, along with the benefits for the regular ESGO members, ENYGO members can look forward to:

  • A new serial of educational workshops exclusive for ENYGO members

  • LiFE report literature update to stay up to date with developments in the field

  • Online scientific surveys to help us understand your needs, concerns and expectations

As well as opportunities to network and interact with other trainees across Europe.


Find out more, download the ENYGO 2013-2015 Activities Report Book or the latest ENYGO Activities Leaflet.

ENYGO Executive Group 2019-2021

  • President: Andrei Pletnev, Minsk/ Belarus

  • Vice President: Maxmilian Lanner, Graz/ Austria

  • Past Presiden: Kamil Zalewski, Kielce/ Poland

    Members in large
  • Nicolò Bizzarri, Rome/ Italy
  • Tanja Nikolova, Skopje/ Macedonia 
  • Zoia Razumova, Stockholm/ Sweden
  • Ilker Selcuk, Ankara/ Turkey
  • Charalampos Theofanakis, Athens/ Greece


ENYGO Executive Group 2017-2019

  • President: Kamil Zalewski, Kielce/Warsaw, Poland
  • Vice President: David Lindquist,  Umea/ Sweden
Members in large
  • Maximilian Lanner,Villach/ Austria
  • Tanja Nikolova, Skopje/ Macedonia 
  • Dimitrios Vlachos, Athens/ Greece
  • Ilker Selcuk, Stockholm/ Sweden
  • Dimitrios Vlachos, Athens/ Greece

View the full details of the ENYGO Executive Group.


Contact Us

For any enquiries please contact adminoffice@esgo.org 

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