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ENYGO Short Clinical Visits ARE BACK!

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The main aim of the programme is to facilitate fellowship via a 3–4-day exchange programme that creates links within the gynaecological oncology community and makes it possible to share knowledge and new technologies.

The programme’s clinical bases are selected from ESGO Accredited centers that are focused on special interest areas.

The SCV programme is open to ESGO members who are willing to take a fellowship in a recognised ESGO accredited center but don’t have the opportunity to complete a longer period of stay.

  • June 20-22, 2022 in Berlin, Germany
  • June 28-30, 2022 in Leuen, Belgium

The number of tickets is limited.


Do not miss the Workshops at the ESGO Congress in Berlin!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Workshop 1 
Laparoscopic Course

Workshop 2
Medical Writing

Workshop 4
Dealing with Low Anterior Resection Syndrome
and How to Manage Colorectal Anastomosis Leakage

Workshop 3
Breaking Bad News 

Workshop 5
Vulvar Reconstruction after Radical Surgery 

Sunday, October 30, 2022


Workshop 6
Urologic Surgery in Gynaecological Oncology

Workshop 7 
Principals of Vascular Surgery

Workshop 8
How to Perform Bowel Anastomosis Step by Step

Workshop 9 
Managing the Complex Closure of the Abdomen Wal

Workshop 10
Gyn Oncologist Heal Thyself: Hallmarks of Happiness and How to Avoid Burnout 

Workshop 11
Radical Hysterectomy 
including Nerve Sparing

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Interview with Nicolò Bizzarri, ENYGO President 

Theofanakis Charalampos

The moderator of the ENYGO Podcast Charalampos Theofanakis, member of the ENYGO Executive Group

Upcoming Webinars

Invited Speakers:
  • René Verheijen
  • Maja Pakiz
  • Martina Ángeles Fité
  • Ignacio Zapardiel
Invited Fellows:
  • Italy: Nicolo Bizzarri
  • Germany: Richard Schwameis
  • Spain: Victor Lago
  • Sweden: TBA
  • UK: TBA



ESGO Statement of Support for Ukraine

View the message from the ESGO Leadership released on March 2nd!

ENYGO members read ESGO Statement of Support for Ukraine 🇺🇦
You can also read ESGO Statement from
Nicolò Bizzarri 🇮🇹
Joanna Kacperczyk-Bartnik 🇵🇱
Archil Sharashenidze 🇬🇪
Aleksandra Strojna 🇵🇱
Charalampos Theofanakis 🇬🇷
Zoia Razumova 🇸🇪
Esra Bilir 🇹🇷
Houssein El Hajj 🇫🇷
Sara Nasser 🇩🇪
Maximilian Lanner 🇦🇹
Natalia Rodriguez Gómez-Hidalgo 🇪🇸
Andrej Cokan 🇸🇮
Enrique Maria Chacon Cruz 🇪🇸
Andrei Pletnev 🇵🇱

ENYGO-ENGAGe Survey on Sexual Health after Gynaecological Cancer

Survey on Impact of Robotic Surgery on Gynaecological Oncologists

This survey is for individuals who are either Gynaecological Oncologists or undergoing Gynaecological Oncology training who perform robotic surgery. 

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14th Issue of the LiFE Report – literature search covers March 31 - September 30, 2021

Issued on February 2022


  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Vulvar Cancer
  • Surgical management
  • in 30 Subtopic chapters incl.
  • COVID-19 and Gynaecological Cancers


The new ESGO Curriculum has been completed

Past Webinars

Uterine Saroma: Challenges and Solutions

Invited Speakers:
  • Experts: Jubilee Brown, David Lindquist
  • Pathologist: Gian Franco Zannoni
  • Cases: Khrystyna Levytska
  • Didactic Lecture: Marcin Bobinski 
  • ESGO Moderator: Ignacio Zapardiel
  • ENYGO Moderator: Alexander Shushkevich/ Ola Strojna/ Andrei Pletnev
Screenshot 2022-04-29 14.18.47

MRI - guided adaptive brachytherapy in locally adanced cervical cancer (EMBRACE-I study)


  • Alina Sturdza 
Screenshot 2022-03-17 09.13.58
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ENYGO Introduction to Robotic Surgery

» Theory online and 1 daOverviewy hands-on training in Ghent, Belgium
» 2 rounds of the hands-on training on July 13 and July 14, 2022
» Each round for 12 participants

» Online theory session:

  • July 8 – 3:00-4:30pm CET (for participants attending the hands-on training on July 13)
  • July 8 – 5:00-6:30pm CET (for participants attending the hands-on training on July 14)

» Pre-recorded lectures available for participants in advance of the course


An exclusive introductory course for young fellows and trainees with no experience in robotic surgery but preferably with some knowledge or exposure to the system.

The Course programme features interactive theoretical sessions and dry lab exercises at the ORSI training centre in Ghent, Belgium.

The course is organized by ESGO in collaboration with ENYGO.


Target audience

The ideal profile of the course candidate is a young surgeon with no experience but some knowledge of or exposure to robotic surgery. Candidates should be fluent in English. This course is limited for 24 participants.

Learning Objectives

The Course aims to introduce the robotic approach to young surgeons with no experience with robotic surgery (Da Vinci Si or Xi) but preferably with some knowledge or exposure to the system.  It is an exclusive opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills.

The Course program combines interactive theoretical sessions and dry lab exercises.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to learn more about the robotic surgery!

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ENYGO Executive Group (EEG) & National Representatives

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