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Travelling Fellowship is REOPEN!

Travelling Fellowship is a significant project offered exclusively to members of the ESGO. The objective of this initiative is to enhance patient care by fostering training, research, and the exchange of technologies across member nations.

The primary aim of the Travelling Fellowships is to facilitate links and exchanges within the gynaecological oncology community, sharing of knowledge and trans-European mobility. This project serves as one of the valuable benefits of ESGO membership.

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Diversity - Equality - Inclusion

As part of our ongoing diversity, equality and inclusion initiatives, ENYGO and ESGO are committed to erasing inequalities in our subspecialty that stem from gender biases. The ENYGO-ESGO Mentorship Programme is the inaugural project of this ENYGO-ESGO Task Force. The mentors will offer one-to-one support and counselling in the areas of interest for the mentees and during a specially tailored plan will guide their clinical and scientific development. This programme is designed especially for ENYGO members who do not have access to mentors at their home institutions. In the first stage, the programme will be open to female mentees only; and, subsequently, to all.

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Past Webinars

Tumour Board Webinar:

Role of para aortic lymphadectomy in LACC

  • Alejandra Martinez - Expert
  • Gian Francesco Zannoni - pathologist
  • Ignacio Zapardiel - ESGO Moderator
  • Nicolo Bizzarri - ENYGO Moderator, Didactic lecture
  • Giulio Ricotta - Case 1
  • Mathilde Del - Case 2
ENYGO Webinar

 Management of the complications in gynea oncology. Ascites, Lymphocele, pleural effusion, subileus, anastomosis insufficient


  • Beyhan Ataseven
  • Christina Fotopoulou

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