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ESGO-ENYGO Masterclass in Gynaecological Oncology (in cooperation with ESO)

June 22-24, 2023| Athens, Greece

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Upcoming Tumour Board Webinar

  • Expert: Beyhan Ataseven
  • Cases: Timoleon Dagres
  • ESGO moderator: Ignacio Zapardiel
  • ENYGO moderator: Alexander Shushkevich
  • Didactic lecture: TBA
  • Pathologist: Gian Franco Zannoni

Have you already seen photos of ENYGO activities from the ESGO Congress 2022 in Berlin?!

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15th Anniversary of ENYGO

Did you know that the ENYGO was established in 2007 in Berlin?

We came back to celebrate this anniversary with the past leaders of the ENYGO. We would like to thank all past leaders and especially Murat Gultekin who came up with this idea and founded ENYGO!

We are ENYGO thanks to you:
Murat Gultekin (Founder)
Boris Vraneš (first President)
Ranjit Manchanda (President)/ Michaela Bossart (Vice president)
Michael Halaška (President)/ Ignacio Zapardiel (Vice president)
Rene Laky (President)/ Vladyslav Sukhin (Vice president)
Kamil Zalewski (President)/ David Lindquist (Vice president)
Andrei Pletnev (President)/ Maximilian Lanner (Vice president)
Nicolò Bizzarri (President)/ Zoia Razumova (Vice president)

and all past and present EEG members 🙂 



We present he new Issue of the LiFE Report!

View the latest LiFE Report which includes reviews of publications in gynaecological oncology dating from September 30, 2021 - March 31, 2022,  published in October 2022.


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Survey on Impact of Robotic Surgery on Gynaecological Oncologists

This survey is for individuals who are either Gynaecological Oncologists or undergoing Gynaecological Oncology training who perform robotic surgery. 

Needs and barriers to providing sufficient cancer care during the War in Ukraine

Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection Validation Survey for Endometrial Cancer

ESGO Curriculum

Past Webinars

Uterine Saroma: Challenges and Solutions

Invited Speakers:
  • Experts: Jubilee Brown, David Lindquist
  • Pathologist: Gian Franco Zannoni
  • Cases: Khrystyna Levytska
  • Didactic Lecture: Marcin Bobinski 
  • ESGO Moderator: Ignacio Zapardiel
  • ENYGO Moderator: Alexander Shushkevich
ESGO Fellowship: Fellows' Perspectives
Invited Speakers:
  • René Verheijen
  • Maja Pakiz
  • Ignacio Zapardiel
Invited Fellows:
  • Italy: Nicolo Bizzarri
  • Germany: Richard Schwameis
  • Spain: Victor Lago
  • France: Martina Ángeles Fité
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LiFE Report Literature for ENYGO

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ESGO-ENYGO Masterclass in Gynaecological Oncology (in cooperation with ESO)

June 22-24, 2023| Athens, Greece

Masterclass will present up-to-date, standardised knowledge of the multidisciplinary management of gynaecological cancers to future gynaecological oncologists across Europe.

The course furthers the organisations’ key goal of harmonising gynaecological oncology training and education throughout Europe.


ENYGO Executive Group (EEG) & National Representatives

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