Summary of the visit – Leuven 2019

Dear all!

I would like to share the emotions and impressions on behalf of the participants of the clinical visit group, which took place on October 21-24 in Leuven. The ENYGO committee selected 6 applicants from different European countries to participate in this program: Yağmur and Esra Keles from Turkey, Andrei Pletnev and Hanna Trukhan from Belarus, Martin Hruda from Czechia, Melissa Bradbury from Barselona. We were divided into three groups, each group had its own schedule. Every day starts at 7.45 in the morning and ends at 18.30-19.30 in the evening.

For the first three days we participated in a discussion of patients with a professor Vergote, were in the operating room, broadened their views about tips and tricks oncologic gynaecologic surgery. We also were present in the surgical treatment of pelvic endometriosis using a CO2 laser. Moreover, we were with a professor Froyman while performing ultrasound of the pelvic organs in women as a part of staging procedure/ pre-operative evaluation of ovary cysts (IOTA) and gained skills in working with classifications. We presented on LKI seminar: post ESMO meeting.

Our last day was full of science and Lab. We visited laboratory of tumor immunology and immunotherapy, met with Prof. Coosemans A. We had an excellent opportunity to have a lecture about the immune system and current projects on immune therapy in ovarian cancer. Moreover, we were in the Laboratory of Translational Genetics (LTG) at the VIB-KU Leuven and had knowledge about current projects on cancer genomics/transcriptomics in ovarian cancer. We were very lucky to participate in the tumour board and multidisciplinary team meeting of breast cancer, gynaecological oncology by leadership Prof. Vergote I.

We are still under impressions of team – Prof. I. Vergote, Prof. S. Tomassetti, Prof. W. Froyman, L. Loverix, S. Olbrecht

Thank you for that visit!

Best regards,


Hanna Trukhan

SCV Leuven
SCV leuven 6
SCV Leuven 1
SCV Leuven 4
SCV leuven 8
SCV leuven 7
SCV Leuven 9
SCV Leuven 5


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