Summary of the SCV Rome 2019

Feedbacks from participants to SCV in Gemelli, Rome (March 2019).


  1. Ilker Kahramanoglu (Istanbul, Turkey)

With its unique organisation and leading experts on its each department, ENYGO short clinical visit to Gemelli has broadened my perspective on gynaecological oncology. I had a chance to discuss with experts on clinical trial protocols and to observe routine clinical service in Clinical Trials Center. It was amazing to see how they conduct many well-designed prospective trials and direct their patients to these trials. Also, I had the opportunity to attend the Tumor Board which was very fruitful. I experienced how they use laparoscopic scoring system in ovarian cancer. I saw how they could use ultrasound as the sole preoperative imaging modality. I always had the chance to discuss every point with experts on their field.


  1. Zhirayr Malakyan (Yerevan, Armenia)

On the first day we were welcomed  by the local fellows  Nicolo Bizzarri  and Valentina Ghirardi. They took us to the lecture room, where we met professor J. Scambia and professor A. Fagotti. We had a warm and interesting discussions, then we were divided into groups and started our clinical visit program (amazing lectures by prof. Zannoni and prof. Testa, participation in minimal invasive (robotic and laparoscopic) and open surgeries, visit to early phase clinical trial center, participation in Tumor Board) .  During our stay we met very polite and educated doctors who did their best to share with us their experience and knowledge.

P.S. ENYGO short clinical is a great opportunity for young specialists to enrich their practical skills and knowledge.


  1. Irine Gagua (Tbilisi, Georgia)

My name is Irine Gagua, onco gynecologist from Georgia. I had the great opportunity and pleasure to be the participant  of  ENYGO short clinical visit fellowship held in March 25-27, 2019 in Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS., Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy.

The experience was unforgettable. Every day we had very wide range of activites. We were divided in groups and each of us had the opportunity to participate in different activities.

 One of them was surgical part where we had the chance to observe radical gynecologic surgeries – open, minimally invasive and robotic. Due to the high number of ovarian cancer patients, we observed many ovarian cancer surgeries, which included not only the pelvis part but also upper abdomen surgery- liver mobilization, stripping of the diaphragm and other peritoneal surfaces, bowel resection, splenectomy, partial hepatectomy and etc. . It was also very interesting to understand all the steps of radical hysterectomy and pelvic/para aortic lymphadenectomy, also understand the concept of sentinel lymph node detection using ICG. It was very important to understand the role of hypertermic intraoperative chemotherapy (HIPEC) for advanced ovarian cancer with surgical debulking.

Besides observing surgeries, we had a chance to see the work of early Clinical Trials Center where there were patients recruited for Phase I and II clinical trials, discussed with experts on clinical trial protocols.

 It was also very useful to observe the work in the ultrasound department where ultrasound was used as a part of staging procedure, pre operative evaluation and post operative management of complications. Also it was very interesting to observe the intra operative ultrasound scan usage. 

We also participated in the work of gynecologic oncology ward, where we observed management of onco gynecological patients.

We participated in tumor board where multidisciplinary team of great professionals  discussed difficult cases of patients. The tumor board was held in English, so we could understand everything very precisely.

To be short, the whole fellowship was of great success because the knowledge and experience gained there was of great importance and necessity for me.

I am very thankful to Prof. Giovanni Scambia, Prof. Anna Fagotti, ESGO fellows Nicolo Bizzarri, Valentina Ghirardi and the whole team of the Gynecology Ocology for being the warmest and the most attentive to us.

And finally special thanks to ESGO and ENYGO for this wonderful chance!