ENYGO Webinars in Russian language

Next ENYGO Russian Webinar

Long-term results of advanced ovarian cancer treatment

Speakers: Elena Dolomanov and Sergey Mavrichev

  • January 23, 2021
  • at 11:00 AM, CET

ESGO webinars in Russian language

As part of ESGO/ENYGO initiative to provide relevant, quality education to oncologic gynaecologists in former Soviet countries, we are now offering a new series of live interactive “ESGO webinars in Russian language”.

Each month, ESGO will offer webinars on up-to-date key topics for interested Russian-speaking physicians with a prefessional interest in gynaecologic cancers.


  • To raise professional knowledge in oncologic gynaecology among professionals from Russian-speaking countries.
  • To strengthen networking between  ESGO member country’s
  • To spread information about ESGO and actively involve more Russian-speaking countries in ESGO activities.


  • Invite domestic and international professional speakers in oncologic gynaecology to share their experiences and discuss specific topics
  • Organize monthly ESGO webinars with prominent experts
  • During the webinars, discuss ongoing up-to-date topics in oncologic gynaecology
  • Live surgery during webinars


Each month, invited national and international professional speakers in oncologic gynecology will share their experience and discuss specific topics. This will help increase the quality of treatment of gynaecologic cancer in the target countries and help standardize care planning.

Permanent Moderator ENYGO

Archil Sharashenidze
ENYGO National Representative
Mardaleishvili Medical Center
Tbilisi Georgia

Past Webinars

Laparoscopically assisted radical vaginal hysterectomy


Irakli Todua

Laparascopic Pelvic Exenteration: Our experience and technique

Sergey Baido

Sergey Baido

Современные подходы предоперативной подготовки  гериотических  болъных при раке яичников 

Pre- and postoperative evaluation, Morbidity and Postoperative outcome of Elderly Cancer Patient 


Дина Курдиани

Dina Kurdiani

Tbilisi Cancer Center, Georgia

“ Xирургическое лечение рака шейки матки »

«Методы лечения рака шейки матки в Российской Федерации”


«surgical treatment of cervical cancer»

“Modalities of cervical cancer treatment in Russian Federation”

Ulrikh photo

Ульрих Елена Александровна

Prof. Ulrikh Elena

St-Petersburg N.N. Petrov Research Institut, Saint-Peterburg, Russian Federation


Игорь Берлов

Prof. Igor Berlov

St-Petersburg N.N. Petrov Research Institut, Saint-Peterburg, Russian Federation


Роль системной химиотерапии  в лечении местно-распространенного рака шейки матки

The role of systemic chemotherapy in the treatment of locally advanced cervical cancer


Матылевич Ольга Павловна

Olga Matylevich, MD, DSc,

Department of Oncogynecology NN Alexandrov National Cancer Center
Minsk, Belarus