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free iconDebulking procedures - Liver mobilisation and diaphragm stripping



Prof. David Cibula, Czech Republic

Debulking procedure improves survival by complete resection of all tumor sites with no residual macroscobic tumor. For liver mobilisation, initially the peritoneal folds should be seperated; round ligament, falciforme ligament, superior and inferior parts of coronary ligament with triangular ligament should be dissected to make the liver fully mobilized. Care should be taken to not to injure vena cava inferior and hepatic vein. After mobilization, diaphragma peritoneum is stripped from the muscular layer by energy modilities with sharp and blunt dissection. Central tendinous part of diaphragma has a thin aponeurosis that can be easily perforated.


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free iconLaparascopic evaluation


Prof. Anna Fagotti, Italy

Why is this video important?
The knowledge of extent of carcinomatosis in advanced ovarian cancer can help to predict surgical outcome and planning. This video demosnstrate the laparoscopic evaluation and allocation of scoring for extent of disease.

What is it about?
The video shows how to score the disease extent in each quadrant. It also shows how to perform a peritoneal biopsy.

What can be learned?
The learning points in this video are
What amount of disease is scored as 0 versus 2 in each quandrant.
How to do peritoneal biopsy.


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Some of the texts on this page were kindly prepared by ENYGO members, Dr. Ketan Gajjar, UK and Dr. Ilker Selcuk, Turkey.

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