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The field of gynecologic oncology is constantly changing and evolving, with new information and knowledge being applied in everyday practice. Medical writing is the way to communicate and novel findings, ideas, thoughts and discoveries among physicians and healthcare professionals. On one hand, the development of new surgical techniques and medical devices and on the other hand, new and more effective drugs, demand scientific documents of high quality, in order to establish and distribute new knowledge. However, this is a demanding process that requires a proper and thorough knowledge of the methodology, the relative published literature and interpretation of statistical analyses.


The purpose of this online course is for medical writing experts to share their experience and provide useful tips and tricks on the methodology of transforming a research idea to a published paper in a peer-reviewed international journal.


Target Audience

Gynaecological oncologists and young specialists, trainees, residents, and fellows.

This activity is dedicated to fellows interested in publishing their work in a journal, for this who want to avoid mistakes when planning a study. Young doctors can find here all the support needed to increase the chances of its publication.


Learning Objectives 

One of the major gaps of many trainees and faculty in early career is the lack of familiarity with details pertaining to the structuring and writing of scientific manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals.  This is mainly due to the fact that this topic is not covered in the standard training curriculum of medical school, residency, or fellowship.  This gap may lead to significant frustrations when scientific manuscripts are not accepted by the desired medical journals.   Often, the inability to publish scientific work is not due to poor quality science but rather to the gaps in knowledge pertaining to proper writing skills or poor data analysis or interpretation.  The aim of this online series is to address this important gap and help young health care professionals increase their ability to generate high-quality scientific manuscripts.

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Key Dates

March – June, 2021


March 01 - June 30, 2021