ENYGO Elections 2019

Elections of ENYGO National Representatives (NATREPs) 2019 – 2021


The elections for ENYGO National Representatives (NATREPs) from each country are over and new ENYGO National Representatives 2019-2021 have been elected.



We are looking forward for further fruitful and succesfull collaboration and to keep promoting ENYGO activities and initiatives!


ENYGO Executive Board Elections 

Elections of the new ENYGO President, Vice-President and 5 Members at large will be held at the ESGO International Meeting, in Athens, Greece, in November 2-5, 2019.

  • The newly elected NATREPs will elect members to the new EEG as well as the ENYGO President and Vice President.

  • Every NATREP with valid ESGO membership, who is not current EEG member can be a candidate for EEG Member in large. EEG members at large are elected for a tenure of 4 years.