ENYGO Elections 2021 – Call for applications

Elections of ENYGO National Representatives (NATREPs) 2021 – 2023

The elections for ENYGO National Representatives (NATREPs) from European country are planned for April - July 2021.

Elections are an extremely important undertaking for ENYGO. We encourage you to participate in these elections and distribute this communique widely to your friends and colleagues who are ENYGO members.


Call for applications

All ENYGO European members who hold active membership (for 2021), trainees or age below 38, are eligible to apply and all members regardless of their age to vote for the NATREP position in their own country. This includes the current National Representatives. National representatives are elected for a tenure of 2 years

Applications may be made by submitting an Application form (in editable word format) and short Motivation statement via email.

Please send your application at:  enygo.elections@esgomail.org

Deadline for applications:  May 2, 2021

Information about all the candidates will be published on this ENYGO webpage for every ENYGO member to see.

Electoral process

Voting criteria

An online voting system will be used for the elections.

  • Every active ENYGO member (with valid ENYGO membership, activated before the date when the elections were open) can cast the vote for a National Representative from his/her own country of residence.
  • The candidate who has the most votes from his/her country will be declared elected as the NATREP from that country.
  • In case of a tie between two or more candidates, the ENYGO Executive Group will cast a vote (8 additional votes) and the outcome of their voting will be the final decision.
  • In cases where only one application/nomination has been received from a particular country, that candidate will be declared elected from his/her country.
  • There will be no NATREP in the countries where no ENYGO member applied to stand in the elections.

Voting:  May 17 – July 11, 2021

Announcement of Results:  by July 31, 2021


LIST and PROFILES of  National Representative (NATREP) Candidates 2021-2023


ENYGO Executive Board Elections 

Elections of the new 4 EEG Members at large will be held at the ESGO International Meeting, in Prague, Czech Republic, on October 24, 2021.

  • The newly elected NATREPs will elect members to the new EEG.

  • EEG members at large are elected for a tenure of 4 years.

  • ENYGO President and Vice-President are elected by EEG members three to six months before the end of the actual President servicefor a tenure of 2 years.